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Love and Fluffies

We spent some time at my parent's house this past Sunday. Even though we live so close we don't see one another often enough.  Cole and Charlotte were ecstatic to be able to go visit.  They talked about it all day before we went over.  Cole also was excited to go see Dakota. Charlotte was not. This girl loves dogs from afar.  Not up close.  She has a distinct fear of Dakota even though Dakota just loves her and wants to lick her and snuggle. Hummm, a 28(ish) lb little girl vs a 75 lb big black dog. Yeah, I guess I'd be intimidated too!

Can you feel the love here? 

Charlotte gives such tight squeezes. I love her little chubby arms wrapped around my neck for hugs. Such happiness. :)  Side note....Charlotte is in the "why" stage... and now I when I ask her questions her response is "cause why!"  I don't know how this came to be but it is so cute. Really we don't answer her questions with "because" or "I don't know" (unless we don't know of course!) so who knows where that came from!

Of course The Masters were on this past Sunday. I love the game of golf. Really, I prefer the "ping" of the club hitting the golf ball against the sound of the baseball bat against the ball any day. I love the inevitable "Get in the HOLE!!" shouts on almost every green and I love watching these amazing players. The love for golf was instilled by my Dad. :)  I used to play quite a bit. I am begging my brother to give me lessons so I can start playing again.  My parents gave Cole some clubs when he turned 3- they are now a good length for him. He loves the game too- and amazingly takes direction pretty well from my Dad. 

My zallas, the fluffies were out!  (Yea, not going to try to spell that flower name!).  I love this delicate flower. So pretty!  My Mom is one of the most imaginative people I know. She started calling these flowers fluffies and Charlotte couldn't get enough of collecting them!


Lisa said...

Aww! The pictures of the kids with your parents are PRICELESS!! and the last picture of Charlotte is beautiful! lastly... Brendan cracks me up! Rob could not get enough of Brendan in his hat when he saw you guys leaving!

Amanda said...

I LOVE that last phot of Charlotte. Perfect light and composition! Plus, is that a Tea Collection dress? :)

Kelly said...

Thanks you two! :)

Yes, Amanda, it is Tea Collection. :) Big sale- got the dress for $15 online a couple months ago. When you can catch their sales they are awesome! But they sell out quickly.

Mom said...

can you say AZALEA !! That bush is first to bloom and loses its bloom so quickly. You and I will find some azaleas for you too!
Time together is always lovey fun!