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Two Kinds of Play

There are times on the weekend where I purposely try to stay out of the way of playtime. That's sounds completely weird doesn't it? I guess it does. But here's what happens if I step away for 20 minutes...creativity takes over.  They rock babies to sleep and build garages for cars.  Then they come running to tell me what they made or what they are doing. Then we play together. If I am with them, they rely on me to be the creative one. I'm sure they are creative all of the time at school but I like to give them a bit of that at home too. Sounds funny I guess but I am always amazed at what I find when left to their own devices.  Granted some times they just run in circles around the house chasing one another and screaming but other times it's not! :)
And lots of time there is love!  Usually when I ask them to sit together. Other times Charlotte will randomly antagonize Cole (to get his attention I'm sure!) and fights break out.  But I think they are really good buddies. Charlotte has taken to calling Cole "Coley-cole" just like I do sometimes. It's funny to hear her say it. 

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Lisa said...

I love the picture of the two (three?!) of them together... such buddies!

I whole heartedly agree with independent imagination time.. you can just tell the difference between Caden and the younger two because we did SO much one-on-one playing with him in his first two years.. Cole and Cora are excellent independent players since we had to divide our time between them all.. Caden still prefers it most when we play with him.. but we definitely try to foster independent play.. Rob is a big believer (a.k.a. computer fan) in letting them learn to play by themselves.. and each other.