Super Sevins


The Big Reveal

Me: "Ok, kids, come on over to the living room and sit down. Mommy and Daddy have a surprise for you."
Cole: "Huh? Are we going to McDonald's for lunch? Yay!"
Brendan (laughing): "No, the surprise is better than that!"
Cole: "Better than McDonald's?"

Cole bites his shirt in anticipation.

Here's a airplane.

Cole: "Are we going to an airport? Are we picking someone up?"
Brendan: "What would you want to do there, Cole?"
Cole: "I don't want to pick anyone up."

Brendan: "What else do you do at an airport? Go somewhere?"

Cole: "Yes! I want to go somewhere!"

So we hand him the Disney maps...

The next photos are a little crazy. Cole was a little crazy...excited crazy!

Cole and Brendan then inspected all of the Disney park maps. I have to say I wasn't excited at all before this but now that Cole is excited I am too!  (Charlotte says she will give a hug to Mickey but we'll see!)


Lisa said...

That is just too cute! I wonder if Cole is going to be a mini-Brendan when he grows up planning every last minute (second?) :)

I love the picture of Cole when he's just sitting there biting his thumb thinking..

You are going to have so much fun!

Katrina said...

That is the best reveal!! I love the excitement on Cole's face. That would make me pretty excited too. :)