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Soccer fields

Last week the kiddos and I went over to the West soccer fields to run off some energy while Brendan went to a softball meeting.  When I say "run off some energy" I'm referring to myself!  They had been playing all day and hindsight being 20/20, we probably stayed later than we should have because by the time we were done, Cole was a blubbering mess from being so overtired! But for the first 45 minutes of the hour we were there, the three of us had a grand time running up and down the field, playing soccer and just running around. It was fun, yes siree. :)

Who put this girl in sandals and socks? Seriously now!

Oooohhh, that was you Mommy, wasn't it?

Cole did a lot of practicing of the drop kick.  He's pretty good!  

Obligatory shot with the soccer balls, two adorable children, and the light from the sunset in the background. :)

Cole and I played the entire length of the field!  At one point Charlotte was sick of chasing after us so I scooped her up and ran along with her, trying to stop Cole from getting the ball in my goal! Now that is a work out!   

And, I am going to sneak some of that grass for my is like a carpet! Gorgeous! I just wanted to take my shoes off and run around barefoot but barefoot and soccer don't work well together!


Lisa said...

aww! Your obligatory shot is great! Getting two kids to both look at the camera and have good smiles is a feat! Your kids are pros!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,
Thanks for keeping nme connected to your family.. the pics mean so much to me...and the tender captions. You were born to be a mother.

Cole & Charlotte are so precious...makes me want to hug them as I scroll and read the captions. Please give each a hug and a kiss from their great-grandma.
Grandma Gertie