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Good fun

Saturday was yet again another busy day.  I declared this coming weekend no plans because we have been straight out the past several.  It's been a little nuts.  But this past Saturday we were very happy to play with   Amanda, Damien, Cameron, and Olivia.  We haven't seen them in what felt like a very long while.  Cole and Cameron are such good pals- I just love it!  And Charlotte and Olivia are finding their way as friends too.  :)   Now we just have to get all five cousins together at the same time again! That definitely does not happen enough! 

Brendan likes to dress up. Ha-ha!

Olivia and Charlotte were very good at taking turns blowing bubbles!

Just because!

These two played together on the swingset for a very long time making up games and just generally being two little boys.  They only stopped because we had to go inside and make dinner.  And then they just carried the games inside!

We took a walk after they left and you can see we have two very tired children here, in their pj's all bundled up!  Charlotte is making a funny face but this was her pretending to sleep. As soon as I snapped the photo she broke out into giggles.   A good way to end a very fun day!

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Lisa said...

That does look like good fun!! What a great way to spend a beautiful weekend!