Super Sevins


The Hanging of the Swings

Oh, glorious day!  It was so beautiful this past weekend!!  (Incidentally, every time I hear or say or write the word glorious I think of Will Ferrell in Old School and I cannot stop laughing.)  Anyway,  it was a great day and we finally put up the swings on the swing set.  So much fun!

Charlotte insisted on wearing her rain boots just because they were something new. Poor thing kept tripping in them but she didn't care!  Oh the swinging! She loved it!

She still fits in her toddler swing...being the peanut that she is! :)

Cole's new interest is exploring the woods behind our house for bears and other interesting things.  We stopped so I could show him the fungi growing on the tree and I explained what it does to the tree. I couldn't help it...the scientist in me came out. He was very interested! 


Amanda said...

Rain boots, swings and walks in the woods... it must be Spring :)

Lisa said...

That last pictures is FABULOUS! I love it! Both just "hanging out" on their bikes!

Yay for swingsets!! and spring!! We tried to hang the swings Saturday too... but the fox was lying under the swingset! Sunday he was back again! So we decided to keep the swings down until we are sure Mr. Fox is gone.

Katrina said...

It looks like most of your snow is gone as well! Lucky! Cole & Charlotte look adorable on their bikes/scooters.

Amanda said...

P.S. - nice hats! Wherever did you get those?? :)