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Just Keep Swimming....

Cole and Charlotte had their first swimming class this past weekend!  Charlotte is in class with me and the class is all about getting the tots used to having their face in the water, splashed, and learning the very basics of swimming (kicking, scooping with the hands, etc).  I thought Charlotte's class was a good mix of instruction along with fun for the kids...lots of songs!  Charlotte, as with anything, was wary at first and clung to me very tightly but after a cute little rubber duckie joined us she began to have a little more fun. By the time we got to jumping in after reciting "Humpty Dumpty" she was having a blast!

Getting used to blowing bubbles!

We got the kids comfortable with laying on their backs in the water (again to make them comfortable with being in the water). Charlotte was fine as long as she had these duckies to play with!

I was surprised she let the instructor hold her. Normally she would not be ok with this! I guess it was because she still had the magical duckies. :)

Oh, happiness!  Jumping in! She loved it.

More smiles!

There it is!  Smiles and swimming!

After Charlotte's class Cole had his class. I like this set up because it is just 3 students and 1 instructor. I think he'll get lots of good instruction this way! This was Cole's first swim class and I have realized for awhile that Cole should have been taking swim lessons much earlier. But, oh well, we'll do it now and in no time he'll be swimming with the best of them! He kept telling me before the class that he wasn't going to go under. I told him that was fine and that he didn't have to. Amazingly though he did put his mouth in the water to blow bubbles, something he would not do last year in the pool!

Nervous about putting his head back!

But then he relaxed!

And he jumped in and caught himself with the noodle. 

Am going to love this summer where he will be able to swim around our pool by himself!


Lisa said...

Oh what fun swimming is! The kids looked like they really enjoyed it! The pools will get good use this summer! Let's just hope for some massive heat waves!

Amanda said...

He'll catch up with his age group in no time! I'm guessing his ear troubles probably played a role in his and your swim lesson hesitation too?

Kids look so cute swimming and trying so hard to keep their heads way above water. Cam does the same thing :)

Katrina said...

All I can hear is Dorie singing Just keep swimming now haha. The swim lessons look like so much fun! Aidyn's standing next to me and he is impressed with all the pictures! :)