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My first photography "job"

You've heard me rave about the kids' school before. I just adore Applewood- they have made my life so much easier while I am at work. Every single teacher at the school is wonderful and so nurturing and just plain fantastic.  One of the moms at the school redesigned the school's website and asked me to take photos for the site! I was so excited. It was so much fun to spend time with these kids and babies and capture the moments.  I took about 450 pictures!  It was fun, but it made me realize how much I still need to learn about lighting and photography and my camera.  And that I need a new lens.  Ha-ha. Ok, maybe the last part was not a result of this but it's true nonetheless. Brendan are you reading this?  I need one. (L series, 24-105mM f2.8...need any other detals?) :)   Ha-ha!!  I used my 50mm f1.8 for the shoot just for ease of use and I love this little lens to death. It is a beautiful thing for the price its at!  I didn't photoshop any of the photos but some of them could have used some TLC.  Regardless, the photos do show what Applewood is all about.

I posted the link on Facebook the other day but the links to the pages weren't working at the time and of course there are those who read this blog that are not on FB so definitely click here so you can look at the site and learn more about Applewood.

Now I am off to eat my lunch of grapes so I can save money for the new lens. Kidding! :)


Katrina said...

I love the pictures. They came out beautiful!

Lisa said...

Great job!! They came out so well! You are now a pro!

I was in search of your kids.. Cole was harder to find.. but at last I found him!