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Together Again

Yea for beautiful nights and warm weather!!!  Cole and I have so been looking forward to the time change when we can all quickly eat our dinner and run outside to play!!  Which of course means we get to see our friends a ton more than during the bleakness of winter. We live just across the street but sometimes we go weeks without seeing one another in the winter! But then we make up for it in the spring, summer, and fall.  Lots of good walks and fun!  Cole's favorite thing right now is to play hockey in the driveway with Brendan, Rob, and Caden.  He can't wait to get out there each night to play!

Our walks have become a bit hilarious. Now that all the kids are growing up they all want to walk...including Cora!  I am so glad we have the Rogers to grow up with!

And of course the shorts made an appearance the first day it was warm! :)

Cole decided to push his own stroller in case he got tired! Of course, we ended up pushing it on the way home while he ran along with Caden!

"Wait for me, guys, " says Charlotte!

I say, "Cole give me a smile"
He turns around and gives me the booty dance.  
Kids! :)

"What? You don't climb up in a tree and have a normal conversation?"  

Here's to many more nights of fun and good times!

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Lisa said...

I love it!! Your pictures capture it so perfectly! I brought out my camera twice and barely ended up taking pictures since I was carrying Cora or watching her like a hawk so she didn't leap into danger.. I did capture her surfing in the wagon.. but that is about it!