Super Sevins


While the cat is away....

...the mice eat chocolate chip pancakes for dinner!

Brendan is off to Boston with the boys for the annual Hockey East championships, partying it up.  We're home enjoying the beautiful night!  We actually cleaned off the table on the screened-in porch and ate dinner out there. It was awesome!  

Cole and Charlotte love helping to make pancakes (from scratch of Mom's recipe!) and it's even better when I let them add chocolate chips. I'll admit, it's not often that I do...usually it's blueberries but we break (my) rules when Brendan is away. :)

Oh, so scrumptious!

Typical...sweet little girl and tough little boy. :)

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Lisa said...

Yummy!! We had French toast sticks! from a bag though :) Breakfast for dinner must be a common theme when the cat is away! My cat is still sleepimg this morning... might have to break out the chocolate chip pancakes!