Super Sevins


"New" Pajamas

I've been going through boxes and boxes and boxes (and more!) of old clothes that Cole and Charlotte have grown out of. Pile one is for the thrift store for resale, pile two is for giving away.  Oh the memories! There are some clothes that really just remind me when Cole was just a little tyke and oh, how my heart aches because he is growing up so fast!  Anyway, I found all of Cole's 2 year pajamas and I just thought that Charlotte could probably wear blue pajamas and she wouldn't care. :)  Quite the opposite...she adores these new pajamas!


Katrina said...

Haha! She's so funny! New pajamas definitely call for jumping on the bed. :)

Amanda said...

She's so cute! I didn't realize how long her hair was today. Wow! Olivia is a huge fan of Cam's old PJs, especially the Lightning McQueen ones. Who needs pink princess PJs, anyway? :)

Lisa said...

Haha! They will have sleep overs some day wearing their brothers old PJs.. Cora wears some of the boys too! They are perfectly good! why not put them to use right?!