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Our Sunday

Have I mentioned how much I love our town?!  I do.  Today we took a picnic lunch and went over to the apple orchards.   It was a bit cool in the shade but once we were running through the orchards it was nice and toasty!  Cole loved running down the long rows and exploring everything! We found (what I think was) fox holes and bees' nests and pumpkin patches (without the pumpkins of course!) and lots of of other fun things. While Brendan wondered if they sold their fallen apple wood for his smoker, I marveled in the beauty of the trees and the giggles coming from Cole. (Charlotte was really tired and needed a nap! Good thing we were only 5 minutes from home!)

Where's Cole?!  Oh, alllll the way down the lane!

Look how tired this poor girl is!

Cole has become quite my little model. He's ready to smile and pose whenever I ask him to! I love it!

Apple blossoms don't really smell like much but they sure are pretty! 

Later that day we made driveway people. :) Cole thinks driveway people are hilarious and he makes up little stories about them. (We used my shades to shield the eyes!)

I did some yard work  (pulling weeds- boo! spreading bark mulch-yay!) and Cole and Charlotte made up their own silly games. I had to take a break from yard  work to take photos. Their laughter was too cute not to capture!

And freeze pops! It just so happened they picked pops that matched their shirts. Too funny.

I just adore weekends, spending time with them! During Charlotte's nap today Cole and I brought out one of his favorite board games, set up a blanket on the grass and played outside. It was fun!  

We also checked out the pool today! Brendan took off the cover yesterday and we can't believe we will be swimming in little over a month!


Lisa said...

What a fun Sunday! I love that their popsicles match their shirts! too funny!

And your mulching looks so nice! I just love what a bit of dark brown does to make our yards look so much more polished!

Clearly we live in the best town ever!!or at least best area! with so much to do we rarely need to travel far.. unless it is to ... oh, I don't know.. DISNEY!

Katrina said...

The pictures of Cole & Charlotte playing together are so cute. Kind of makes you melt, huh?

P.S. Your hair looks beautiful!

Kelly said...

Thanks Katrina! :)