Super Sevins



Cole has a great mind for puzzles and analytical thinking. He gets that from me. :)  Maybe he'll be a scientist too someday!   He is really good at figuring out puzzles and challenges and I am loving this excitement in learning that he exhibits!  He is already a great "Connect Four" player since I've taught him to be tricky and set up his play.  (Yesterday he beat PawPaw several times. I think I heard the last game, he let PawPaw win!) I've even taught him how to play checkers and he's pretty good at that too. I coach him a lot with different scenarios and I like seeing his mind work to figure out the problem. Of course there is lots of times with checkers he becomes frustrated with the game too but I'm trying to teach him more of using his brain instead of letting the other person figure it out the solution first! I wish I knew chess so I could teach him that!  Lately he's all about reading too and sounding out letters and picking out the letters and asking what a word starts with (to which we reply, "sound it out, Cole!")  Kindergarten will be bittersweet (only for me!) but I can't wait to see how Cole's mind grows and expands!  I hope he always keeps this love of learning!

The pictures below were taken March 2008. Cole is 2 and a 1/2 and this farm puzzle was his first puzzle. These photos were taken the first time he completed the puzzle all by himself. He was so proud!!


Lisa said...

The old pictures are so cute! I remember doing that farm puzzle with him before when we were over once a long while back and I was amazed at how good he was at it! he had me beat!

Katrina said...

I love how excited he looks building his puzzles. They really are so much fun to put together!