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Their Own Bond

What I worry about most (ok, just ONE of the things I worry about) with Cole and Charlotte in daycare (/childcare/preschool) is that they will not be able to build a brother-sister bond the way that they would had I been home with them these past couple years.   I worry and then I happen to overhear Cole say to Charlotte "Charlotte do you want me to read a book to you?" and I see them climb on the couch and proceed to "read".  Cole asks her questions about the pictures and prompts Charlotte to say what the picture is or what sound the animal makes.   It's moments like this that I know they are ok and have developed a bond on their own.   

And they are not apart from each other all day. When they are outside in the morning and the afternoon (for hours) sometimes I find them playing together when I pick them up or just hear from them that they had played together during the day.  So this makes my heart happy. 


Melissa said...

Yup. That made me cry. I have the same worry, but even more so, I think, because my Cameron and Katie have a greater difference in age.
Those pictures are precious!

Abby Chau said...

Your photos are gorgeous! Separation makes the heart grow fonder :)

Lisa said...

awww! That is so precious! Yes I think you learned right there that spending every
Minute together doesn't create the is being part of a loving family and creating all the other memorable moments together that creates the bond... you should have ZERO worries!

Amanda said...

Apart or togther, at home or in daycare... Those things do not matter. Their bond is created from the beginning and because they are loved by you and see you and Brendan in love. Don't worry :)