Super Sevins


I Heart These Faces

What a beautiful Mother's Day! It was windy and brisk and lovely outside...and a complete 40 degree drop in temperature from our day yesterday in Florida!  I am literally drowning in the 1400 pictures (yes you read that correctly) that I took on our vacation. I plan to bore you all to tears and post 1 day's worth of photos with 1 blog post each day starting tomorrow.  Oh joy, you say! :)  You can then really tell how hot it was because we look sweaty and yucky! Ha-ha! But for now enjoy these beautiful faces. I sure do! :)


Lisa said...

Please tell me you were not out in bathing suits today!! I hope they are from the warmer days before you left on vacation!

I love the pictures of the kids! It's amazing how fast Charlotte has turned into a little girl.

Cole covering his mouth as he laughs reminds me of the story Brendan tells us of you back in college! He's such a cutie!

Kelly said...

haha Lisa! Yes, these are all from the Saturday before we left.

Amanda said...

Welcome back! I can't wait to see the photos and read all about your fantastic vacation :)

Katrina said...

Those are some adorable faces. :) Can't wait to see and hear about Disney!!