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You didn't think that was all there was to the vacation photos did you?! We are only on day 5 of 7!  Two more posts follow this one so lucky you. 

On Thursday we went back to the Magic Kingdom (obviously) to do some of the rides  we were not able to do on Tuesday, and re-ride some of the ones we loved!  As previously mentioned the Mickey shirts were washed and ready to go again.    You can see a new thing has also made an appearance on Cole and lanyards.  Yup, we got sucked into that merchandising as well. I suppose we could have just not done it but when we are actually at Disney world the pins seem like a neat thing to do! We bought 4 pins each for the kids...each one meant a little something about their trip. Cole's pins centered on his favorite rides and Charlotte's mostly centered on Tinkerbell who she adores. (More on that later.)  We thought it would be a neat way to commemorate their trip and then they can add more next trips!

We waited in line once for Dumbo.  I do not know why they don't have a fast pass for this ride but if you don't get there first thing in the morning, you will be in line for 45 minutes or more just waiting for this ride that is literally 3 minutes long. So we rode it once and Charlotte loved it. We also rode the Aladdin carpet ride which basically does the same thing.  

Yippee!  Dumbo is in Fantasy Land which they are drastically expanding. I can't 2 years they open a bunch more rides etc.  

It was HOT! I may have mentioned this once or twice already. :)  We all started to wait in line for a certain ride in Tomorrow Land that Cole really wanted to do. The wait was only 15 minutes but Charlotte would have none of it.  So she and I exited the line and took the little tram around Tomorrow Land for 15 minutes.  Nice and breezy and we could view it all up high! It was nice to relax.

Back to the Buzz Light Year ride.  We captured Zurg in the end.....oh, and also two little monsters. : )

Well, then at 9:30 it was time to head over to Toon Town.  This is basically where a lot of characters are and they have a couple rides that are geared towards younger children.  If you want to wait in line for an hour to say hi to the princesses or to Mickey or to Tinkerbell then head on over any time during the day. But if you've done your research (Brendan!) then you go over and wait until the rope drops at 10am.  And you walk nice and orderly and get a good spot in line and wait only 10 minutes.  We did that.  Charlotte really likes Tinkerbell right now (Mimi and Grandpa gave her a Tinkerbell outfit for Christmas and she now has a Tinkerbell little doll so she really adores her.), so we waited in line for the  "Disney Fairies" instead of the Princesses.  Next time we'll do both! Thank goodness Charlotte doesn't know too too much about the princesses so we didn't have to  invest too much energy in seeing them.

This was Fawn, Tinkerbell's friend. She was nice but not what we came for!

Oh, how adorable is this!!  Tinkerbell scooped Charlotte right up and had her sit on her lap.  Charlotte was intimidated and she didn't smile but it was all she talked about the rest of the day. She asked me repeatedly where Tinkerbell slept (in Cinderella's castle was the answer!), what she did, etc, etc.  

Goodness, Charlotte! Just a wee smile!  I love how the characters really get into it. It is as if we are really talking with Tinkerbell (hey, aren't we??!).

Somewhere along the line, Fawn had given Cole a great big kiss and we didn't notice it until after we got out. Cole thought that was pretty funny.

And the treats!  We used the Disney meal plan which allowed us 2 snacks per person per day. That's a lot! The rice krispy treats were a big hit with all of us!

Cole was tall enough to go on this roller coaster when he was just 2 years, 3 months.  Charlotte is 2 years, 4 months and isn't tall enough yet! She's a peanut!  I was pleased to go on this ride this time even though it is a quick easy roller coaster (just my style!) because last time we came I was pregnant and couldn't go on much!

Oh, but we did see Snow White by chance on our way out to nap.  I loved the way she spoke, light and airy and just like a cartoon Snow White. I wanted to be her. Haha! Charlotte was enamored by her.

After nap we decided to take the bus to Epcot and ride the monorail back to Magic Kingdom just for fun. Good choice on our part because just as we got into the monorail station there was a huge downpour. We were able to escape it and then get in the MK with a lot of people gone, having left because of the rain. It was great!

A Tron monorail. How great is that?

Cole's favorite.....Splash Mountain.  My stomach literally drops every time we go down this hill! 

We waited for the parade and did some tricks. Mostly for the affect of the camera. Haha!  Also, some of the Disney cast members (not employees, mind you!) organized a game of Duck, Duck, Donald while waiting for the parade to start. Cole and Charlotte jumped right in!  After Cole was chosen as "goose" his subsequent choice for "goose" was Charlotte. I thought this was very nice of him to pick his sister and told him so but I noticed later in the game he picked another smaller girl and I saw his strategy was just to pick the youngest so he wouldn't get caught.  Oh well! :)

This picture is out of order but it was taken right out of the shop where we bought this trip's Christmas ornaments.  We buy one every trip.  This time we also let Cole and Charlotte  pick one out that they liked. Charlotte picked the dinosaur from Toy Story that had a set of Mickey ears on and was eating a Mickey shaped ice cream.  I stupidly let her hold it and she of course broke the little ice cream thing. I told them I would still buy it but they insisted I pick out a new one.  That's another reason I love Disney. They are quite forgiving. :)

Ok, treat ever!  This is called a Dole Whip and it is pineapple juice and whipped frozen soft serve pineapple ice cream. It sounds like a lot of pineapple but it is SOOOO refreshing and awesome.

This parade is so much fun!

Our only siting of Cinderella.

Last full day was spent in Epcot.   My camera  battery died late in the day so I don't have as many photos.  What I have will still be posted though!

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