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And....that's it.

Well, even I am getting a little tired of looking at my vacation photos.  This is the last vacation post so we can all go back to looking at photos of my children doing every day things again. What? That's not exciting to you? Oh well, that's all I've got after this! :)

Indeed! Isn't Love what Disney is all about? 

Epcot doesn't have a lot of little kid rides so Charlotte and I wandered around while Brendan and Cole went on some of the cooler rides like Soarin'.  Cole always wanted Brendan to go on the ride first with him (evidently because Daddy is more fun! sniff, sniff!) and then we would do the rider switch and Cole and I would hop right back in the front of the line. It was pretty sweet actually.  Soarin' is amazing!!  I thought I would get motion sickness because I usually do with these IMAX rides but this wasn't really an IMAX ride even though the screen is so huge; it is really as if you are hang-gliding and it is so cool!  When you soar over orange groves, they pump real orange scent into the theater and it's like you are really there! Crazy!

Anyway, Charlotte and I found several of the main characters to go say hi to.  Of course the Photopass Man captured a fantastic photo of Charlotte smiling with Mickey.  Will be purchased for $10.95. :)

Charlotte chose not to say hi to Pluto this time and just watched from afar!

But we did say hi to Minnie together!

And, What's this?! She actually gave Donald a kiss!  Amazing!
She would not even go near Goofy.  Next time then!

While Cole and Brendan were on Test Track (I got to go on later), Charlotte and I found the fountains to play in. It was really hot!

Charlotte wandered around the sprinklers for a little bit watching the kids in the middle. I was surprised and happy when she just sat down with the big kids and started playing in the sprinkler.  This is a big deal for Charlotte! She is shy and so to have her walk up to a group of kids without dragging me along I was very impressed. 

She looks up at me to see if I'm watching. :)

And...she's soaked.

Cole found the sprinklers too after his ride. He sat there and laughed and laughed when the fountain went up his shirt.

We went back again after nap and a swim in the pool.  After I took these photos of  Cole and Charlotte my camera battery promptly died. I had brought two batteries with me but had forgotten to charge both of them! Bummer! Of course PhotoPass Man again captured a wonderful photo of all of us dressed up and looking snazzy in front of the Epcot ball.  $10.95...cha-ching!  

We spent about 4 hours back in the Magic Kingdom on our last day. It was worth it to ride some favorite rides and see some of the characters we hadn't seen yet.

I wanted to ride these teacups but my stomach would have said otherwise.

Cole and Brendan went back on Splash Mountain and we got to ride the horses again!!
We also checked out the Castle Couture shop. Oh my goodness, the money that one can spend in there dressing up a little girl as a princess is just crazy.   I can't say I won't be dressing Charlotte as a princess next time we come...well, if she wants to of course!

And a last Dole Whip before we leave...

Here's the funny thing about the marketing machine that is Disney... Cole has never seen Lilo and Stitch, although he has read a story about them in one of his Disney story books.  He loves Stitch though and I don't know why. Well, one reason is that Disney has made Stitch on the same par as a Mickey or any other character. Stitch in on everything!  If Disney wants it to be popular, gosh darnit, it will be popular!

Cole got free reign of  photos with a disposable camera.

I think we all felt like crying when we left.   Here's what I have been telling people about this, Cole wasn't throwing a tantrum at all. He was honestly crying as if he was losing a very dear friend. He was a little heartbreaking, just because Brendan and I could remember back to our own childhoods and being upset when we left someplace fun and wonderful and special.

After 10 minutes on the bus, Cole was himself again.  While waiting for the bus to take us to the airport, we hung out in the hotel lobby. Cole and Charlotte and I were waiting for Brendan to get something and then all of a sudden Mardi Gras doublooms were being thrown at a us (we were afterall in the Port Orleans, French Quarter resort).  Cole and Charlotte never did figure out who was throwing the coins at us (it was one of the bellhops) and they thought it was coming out of this plant. It was  pretty funny.

So,  that is our trip. In a nutshell, I guess!  We had 7 wonderful days in the happiest place on earth and we can't wait to go back in 2 years!

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Lisa said...

Booo! So sad to see it end! Thanks for the play by play, it was fantastic! and we'll be coming to you for pointers we ever do book a trip!