Super Sevins


Home is just as exciting as vacation.

Okay, maybe that is no where near true.  Or maybe it is true but in a different way. :)  This past weekend we bought flowers for the flower pot on the swing set. Really brightens things up!  Excuse my son, who wears his bike helmet when he is not riding his bike. :)  I think he forgets to take it off sometimes!

Why hello there Mum!

Charlotte LOVES to swing on her belly.  I think she could do this for hours...or maybe 20 minutes then...but it definitely keeps her entertained for awhile.  She yelled as she swung through the air..."I flying! I flying like Tinkerbell!"

Cole ran into the house for a moment and as we were waiting for him to come back out I saw something jump through the grass. I used the two empty flower pots to capture the little toad to show Cole and then we let him go back in the grass. The little guy jumped and  Cole ran after it.  Brendan and I let out a loud "ahhh!" as we thought Cole stepped on the toad.  Thank goodness, somehow the toad was safe and he bounded away. 


Lisa said...

I love that your swingset has a flowerbox!

Mr. Toad looks tropical! I've never seen one quite his color!

Katrina said...

I love how both of them are tilting their heads in the first picture. Were you leaning too? :)

That toad is really cool! And so tiny!