Super Sevins


Water Fun

Well, currently the pool looks as if it hosts both the Swamp Thing and a frog colony so swimming isn't much of an option right now.  Thank goodness for sprinklers on warm days!  

PawPaw helped prime the kids by running them right through. I think he has as much fun as the kids! :)

Wait for it.... :)  The sprinkler IS coming Charlotte. 

Haha! I love this. This is the first time PawPaw ran Cole through the sprinkler. 

And then, since they were wet anyway, they were off and running through it on their own.


I guess sitting your bum down on the water will give you a wedgie. :)

Cole's face cracks me up!!

So fun!


Katrina said...

I love how kids always have to wash their bums in the sprinklers haha. These are beautiful pictures!! Lets hope this weather stays and we don't follow our recent pattern of warm weather and then snow.

Lisa said...

I love the sprinkler bums! Cora has the same bathing suit as Charlotte.. the yellow shirt one.. not the stripey one. She hasn't worn it yet. I love bathing suits.. but since I don't love wearing them as much anymore, nor can I ever wear a bikini again (tears!) I will instead shower Cora with them! Only three this year.. I had to hold back SEVERAL times though!

Cute pics overall.. I love the expresions! I think the kids are sprinklering this afternoon when they get home.. but since some people have to work there will be no photos!

Anabelle said...

you have amazingly beautiful children

Mom said...

OH the joy of hearing children laughing and squealing as they get wet! Cole's face is priceless - ALL boy! Charlotte's smile just couldn't be any happier! I'm going in with them!