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I'm waaaay behind on blogging.  There are so many things to capture lately!!   And not the least of them was Cole's introduction to Moose Hill Kindergarten.  We attended kindergarten screening last week and then open house last Wednesday.  It was wonderful and amazing to see the school and the classrooms. I did walk by the PTA table and forced myself to keep going. I want to join up but can't commit my myself to it right now! I'll sign up in the fall...

Cole thought the classrooms were great but was most interested in the playground (of course!) and the cool basketball game they had. He joined right in with a couple kids he didn't even know which was really nice to see (hey- if there are sports involved, Cole will be there!). He was tired from his day though and it showed through when there were a couple minutes of crying when I had to pull him away from the game for a minute.  He colored some pictures inside before we left and was a happy camper at the end of it. I am excited for him!!  I, of course, brought my camera, but only because I wanted to take photos of Cole outside the school- I had wanted to at the screening but my camera battery died.  So, I got some photos of Cole and Caden and Cole and some of his preschool friends too!

Last week we had another big thing happen...Cole started to learn how to ride  his bike without training wheels!  PawPaw said, "You know, he rides his bike so well, I bet he would be fine without his training wheels." So we said, what the heck...and tried it out.  He impressed us by catching onto it almost immediately, but only when he is really  peddling. When he is going slow, he falls right over. :)  And he's slowly getting the hang of putting his feet down when he stops so he doesn't tip over. I tell you, running beside him as he was speeding along, was both exhilarating and frightening.  I was so happy for him but was terrified he would fall over and I would have to catch him as his bike was going so fast.  No injuries yet though!  He is still scared of falling over but I told him simply that he would fall over, probably several times, and he would get hurt, and that I did when I was learning and now I ride my bike just fine. I told him that he would get hurt but he would keep trying.  He took that in and he just smiled at me as I said it. I like how as he gets older his mind is just so much more rational! :)   He hasn't wanted to try riding his bike too much more this week. He prefers the ease of his scooter.  He'll get there and before long I'll have to stop him from "popping a wheelie" as my brother and his friends did all of time when they were young.  (I try not to remember that my brother also had to get stitches from one of his many tricks on the bike!)


Katrina said...

Go Cole!! Kindergarten and NO training wheels?! That's so cool. :)

Lisa said...

School is so cool! It is so exciting that Caden gets to share these special times with Cole. I am so happy they are friends!

And what great shots of Cole learning to ride his bike! The sheer excitement in his eyes as he realizes he is riding with no training wheels is fantastic! He is far more brave than Caden.. we may have to have him fitted for some sort of padded suit!

BRAVO Cole! Way to go!