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The Start of a Fabulous Weekend!

On Friday night we made plans to go to Mack's for ice cream with the Rogers.  We had some time to spare before we were going to go and I got these very  happy shots of Brendan and the kids having a blast together.  Cole and Charlotte sure do love their Daddy!  Brendan is great fun and they know it. :)

(Brendan LOVES this hat.  And it fits his personality to a tee. I love it on him because it is SO Brendan.)

Lisa and I have very similar tastes in clothes for the girls! How funny is it that we happened to dress them in almost the exact same outfit?!

Mack's ice cream is so good!

Cole loves his ice cream no matter how messy he gets! At one point his ice cream was falling and he decided to push it down with his hand. Hey, he saved his ice cream and he's washable so who cares?! :)  Cole's current favorite flavor is strawberry. He orders it every time!

I'm a big chocolate fan.  Give me a Forbidden chocolate any day. This night I decided to go with my next fav- Green Monster ice chocolate chip with oreos mixed in.  

The water jug was a big hit with the kids. 

There used to be a huge flock of ducks that would camp out in the pond next to Mack's. I guess they didn't want them there anymore because they built a rockwall against the pond and asked people not to feed them anymore. No more ducks this year. :(  We pretended there were alligators in there instead. 

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Lisa said...

So fun! And it was so funny that the girls (that sounds weird to say for me since I am so used to saying "the boys") were wearing such similar outfits! If only I had put Cora in the shirt Charlotte was wearing.. since she actually does own it. Apparently they'll have to start calling each other first to be sure they aren't wearing the same outfit! Since I know for a fact they have at least two of the same Gymboree dresses which I saw in your Disney pictures. We are so fashionably AWESOME! Oh, and because of Cole, Caden and my Cole also love Strawberry now.. I am thankful that his favorite was that and not something I don't enjoy since I try to snarf up any leftovers!