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Finally...the Beach!

When we lived in Salem (MA), which seemed liked eons ago at this point- we used to go to the beach all of the time.  Now, living an hour away, we are still lucky we live relatively close, but we don't go often enough!  May was a crazy month and we finally made plans to go to the beach this past Sunday.  And better yet, we went with our buddies the  Rogers!  We went super early to avoid crowds which worked out really well.   We had a blast!

Cole and Caden didn't just pick up rocks, no siree. They picked up the biggest rocks they could hardly lift and decided to load their buckets with them.  That lasted all of 5 minutes when they couldn't even carry the buckets. 

Cole found one smooth white one that became a treasure until we lost it. Bummer!

Love, love going when the tide is out! The tide pools are fun to play in and they are also semi- warm!

Cole, Caden, and I played a little bit of frisbee and I tried to teach Cole how to throw the frisbee correctly.  He didn't really get the idea of it until he started to throw with his left hand. This is funny because he is a right handed kid!  Brendan is the same way though- right handed but plays sports with his left hand.  Guess it's hereditary?

All snuggled!

Here's a treat that Cole could NOT wait to eat- Doritos.  They were sitting on our kitchen counter for 2 days and Cole couldn't wait to eat them.

Oh, this picture makes me laugh!  Look at the big belly!  He had just finished eating his lunch and was just inhaling this watermelon. It was hilarious!

What's going to the beach without burying each other in the sand?!

So tired after a long morning at the beach!  She had plenty of time to sleep as we dragged the Rogers to Ice House in Rye for ice cream. It was, ahem, a bit of ride through the Hampton strip and then up route 1.  I love the ride though! :) Sorry, Rogers!

Ice House II was an institution at UNH.  And I always went to this original Ice House with my parents/brother after the beach when I was a kid.  I always got the mint patty with marshmallow sauce at UNH and thought I would get that again this day. Charlotte decided mine was much better than her strawberry (well, yeah!) so somehow we switched ice creams. Ah, the sacrifices I make as a Mom! :)

Everyone loves ice cream....except grumpy Rob. :)

The kids ran around for awhile after that. We had a wonderful day.  


Katrina said...

They're an awfully cute bunch of kids. :)

It looked like so much fun!! The beach is the best. So happy the warm weather is finally here!

Lisa said...

So much fun! Love all the pictures.. especially Cole with his Watermelon belly!

We HAVE to do it again.. but next time we are taking you to Hodgies after for the best ice cream EVER! and a whole lot less traffic.. although I will miss people watching along the strip!