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In the Pool

Brendan has been adamant that we open the pool for Memorial Day Weekend this year.  I was skeptical thinking it would be too cold!  Oh, ye of little faith!  Brendan put the solar cover on 2 weeks ago and time and sun has treated the pool well. It was actually up to 76 degrees this past weekend, which, okay, was still cold. Boy it felt good on the hot days though!   When we were looking for houses I did not want a pool (money, safety, more work, yadda yadda yadda). Now I am so glad we do!

Will someone please tell me what they did with my Cole?  My Cole is afraid of the water and will not get his face wet. My Cole absolutely will not go under water and my Cole definitely can't swim on his own! :)  That was last year and before 2 sessions of swim lessons!  I cannot believe the transformation that has taken place with him.  He jumps in, goes under water, and pops right back up like it's nothing.  He loves it now!  All of his fear is gone.    I would say within a couple weeks of swimming he may not need these swimmies either. During swim lessons he was swimming on his own with his instructor by his side.  I would just like to get his complete confidence up  in swimming without any flotation before we take them off.  This summer is going to be so much fun!

Brendan put Charlotte in one of the small tubes and she seems "by herself" and does not want us to help her. Maybe now she'll be more interested in swim class scooping and kicking!  She definitely doesn't have the fear of water that Cole did at her age. Probably because I dunk her under water when she jumps in- with Cole I was so afraid to do that!  

If you are looking for us this summer, we'll be in the the pool and probably with Zach Brown Band (or Kenny Chesney or Jimmy Buffet!!) blasting.  Love it!

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Lisa said...

So fun! I love the close-ups of Cole. The blue of the pool makes it so inviting!

But please, we'll have to pool hop, if you are in your back yard all summer then we'll never see you! I promise to update our iPod mix to include Zach Brown.. but I may have to ix-nay Buffet :)