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What a difference a hair style makes..

I'm posting out of order but oh well!

Cole and Charlotte had a fun birthday party to go to today (petting farm! awesome!) and Cole jumped out of the pool at the last minute to get ready. I always want to style his hair but he never lets me. :)  But today he decided he wanted me to.  Gotta look good for the party, ya know?!  His hair was too long to spike but I put some gel in it and put it to the side.  I couldn't believe immediately how he looked so much older (and so handsome!).  There are moments were he (or Charlotte) just take my breath away when I realize how much he is growing up. I am proud of the boy he is and who is becoming and just love him to bits!


Lisa said...

Wow! With that hairstyle he can skip Kindergarten and go straight to first grade! Such a stylin' little man.

I've also noticed you've gotten him to wear polo shirts this spring/summer with out the pictures he demanded last year! Just another sign that they are growing up.. sigh.

Such a cutie.

Katrina said...

He does look so grown up and handsome!! He's such a cutie.