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Memorial Day with Friends...

Have I mentioned that Robyn and Erich now only live 12 minutes away?!! Yes?  Well, they do! So exciting!  We had them over for lots of playtime and a BBQ on Memorial Day.  So much laughter and fun as always!

Ummm, you can see Erich had lots of fun blasting the little boys.  :)

But really they all had fun taking turns with those water squirters!

The girls and I stuck together. :)

Robyn laughed at us from the sidelines. Next time you are going in Robyn! Bathing suit or not!

And we enjoyed yummy strawberry treats.    

I have so enjoyed seeing Gavin and Cole grow up together. They have a blast when they get together and are generally very crazy boys!  Gavin cracks me up.... last time they came over I said, "Hi Friends!" and Gavin just smiled at me and said "Hi Kelly! You can just call us Gavin and Morgan!"  He cracks me up.  
Love, love, LOVE having my BFF so close!!

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Lisa said...

Love it! You guys are so lucky to live so close now! My BFF is close to 2 hours away! booo. Robyn looks very happy sitting there in the shade while everyone gets squirted! I think she is the smart one!