Super Sevins


Apple Picking!!

Look at these...sooo yummy!!

But really, we picked these instead. Apples were little and still growing, ready to be picked in September. :)

The kids were actually great strawberry pickers and filled up the baskets for me!  They had fun, but I think it is a novelty and a one time thing only because I took them back with me this past weekend (these photos are from over a week ago) and they picked strawberries for about 5 minutes and then were more entertained by running up and down the fields.

I love picking strawberries....especially in the morning...there is something so quiet and lovely about it when there aren't crazy children running about. Ahem...

Of course, we always eat our fair share too. Warm yummy strawberries just taste sooo good!

Morgan. So cute.

Robyn commented that the two of us should make a photo montage with every time Erich and I take a photo of one another like this. We just think it is hilarious. Alright, we are dorks, ok?

The strawberries were a little early that weekend, but when we returned this past weekend they were just right!  We had homemade strawberry waffles for breakfast.  Wonderful!

Cuteness..  And I just love how Cole puts his sunglasses on top of his head.

Charlotte is, like, Gavin what are you doing??!!


Lisa said...

Yummy! So jealous! I wanted to go this weekend but just couldn't wake up early enough and get out the door to beat the heat! and now we'll be away this weekend.. ho hum, perhaps they will hold on a bit longer for us to get back!

The kids are so cute hanging out together! I love how Cole and Charlotte have their arms around each other. And it is really funny that you and Erich are still taking pictures of each other! you guys crack me up.

Amanda said...

Strawberry season is so delicious!!! I think it is my favorite PYO season! I have just caught up on my blog reading, I have been MIA for a few weeks! Love all your posts!

Cameron keeps asking when he will see Cole again! Hopefully soon :)

Katrina said...

Oooo those look so good!! Aidyn's looking at the pictures with me and telling me it's his turn to pick them haha.