Super Sevins



aka What we do when the mosquitos are bothering us and we want to stay outside. :)

Look what Daddy has!

Fire! Yippee!  

Cole takes his sparkler work very seriously.  Notice the extended tongue. This only happens when he is concentrating on something. It's a Sevin boy thing. :)

Charlotte was saying "nooo, Mommy. No fire!"

Then she saw how cool (hot?!) it was and wanted to share it with me.

And in no time at all she was fine! :)


Lisa said...

Super cute! and super fun! So did it work? did it keep the bugs away?!!

Kelly said...

Yup! They did! We went through about 15 sparklers in 15 minutes and then it was time to go inside. :)

Kerry said...

Aww I love the progression of Charlotte being scared of it to doing it by herself : )