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All about Cole...

I haven't been very good lately at chornicling things about Cole and Charlotte, some other peices of who they are besides just photos or things we've done.  Since this blog is mostly a way to remember who they are/were, I've got to start getting better at it.  We just had Cole's last preschool parent/teacher conference and it gave me the kick in the pants to start writing some of this stuff down.

Cole is a very emphathetic little boy, often helping other little children in the classroom. He also helps Charlotte quite a bit as well. I've noticed how he puts on this little special voice lately when he talks with Cora or wants to hold her hand. It's quite endearing.

Cole tends to bring his energy level up or down depending on who he is playing with at school.

Cole LOVES board games and will sit adn figure out the game or complete the game until it is done.  Current favs are still Pirate Monopoly, checkers, Trouble, and Connect Four.  He loves when new games are introduced here or at school and is one of the first ones at school to check out the game.  He's also very patient with explaining the rules of the game to someone else. 
Books. Enough said. This child could read books all day. Maybe slip in a hockey game in but books could take up the majority of his day.  Current favs: Bernstein Bears (any of them), The Man Who Walked Between Two Towers, anything in his Disney Storybook, One Morning in Maine.

He has made huge strides over the past couple years in so many ways. Recently, he has done a much better job of walking away from a situation that is frustrating to him or he'll work it out with words instead of crying.

He's trying (and liking!!) new foods. He'll eat regular pasta now and also cheeseburgers. Also he loves tacos. Go figure!  He basically will try  anything now and that's all I could ask for at this point!  Big improvement from months past where he wouldn't even put new food anywhere near his mouth.  We're patient....he's certainly not starving by any means!

Cole is a little parent to Charlotte, often telling her what to do or what her consequence (his word!) will be if she continues to act out in a manner that is not appropriate.

He loves singing...anything.  Lately he requests the entire Zac Brown Band album when we get home from the day. Singing is a good way to chill before dinner! :)  He always pulls out his toy microphone and acts out the songs.  He's pretty good at recognizing music too!  Yesterday he recognized a Michael  Buble song on the radio with only the music intro!

Cole's a lover of all things sports. His favorites are hockey and football, although he could watch any sport on TV and be happy hanging out with Brendan and asking a ton of questions about the game.  Today he and I were shooting the puck back and forth and then  Brendan came along and Cole said, "ok Mommy I want to play hockey for real with Daddy now."    Hockey is his thing with Brendan and I love that they have a "thing."  Super Mario Brothers on the Wii is also a fun thing he and Brendan play together (lately only because it has been raining so much). It is funny to hear them talk through the different worlds etc.

Cole is super passionate in his loving of others and when he is upset.

Cole sleeps in his own bed but about 5am (unless he's super tired!)  he usually crawls in our bed and automatically starts playing with my hair, twisting it.  He does this in his sleep! It wakes me up and while I find it endearing it's also hard to get back to sleep when it does that. He needs to be in his own bed but  I'm too tired at that point to move him back.

I'm sure between now and when he turns 5  (August!) I'll have plenty of more stuff to write down.

He's a joy, a miracle, and I couldn't be prouder of him!


Katrina said...

He recognized Michael Buble?! Awesome.

It's so great he's holding Charlotte accountable for her actions haha. :) He's a sweetie.

Lisa said...

I just wrote a comment.. but I'm not sure what happened to it!! GRRR!

Anyway in less words in case it shows up :) I am completely impressed by Cole's love of sports. He has such patience! (Best Cole/Sports memory = him watching the superbowl while all the other kids played!) and I'm also impressed by his singing/music skills. No one sings but me in my house!

Lastly.. I love the photo of Cole on his belly in the grass. the sun catches the dust particles and it is like glittering gold all around him!