Super Sevins



Sunday was actually quite relaxing.  I didn't mind the downpours (with the exception that the Fisher Cats game that Cole and I were supposed to go to with a preschool friend and his Mom was cancelled! Booo!)  It was really nice to stay inside and relax with the kids.  But then the rain stopped and we went straight outside in the rain boots.  Jumping in puddles never gets old for Charlotte.  Often times she makes her own on the driveway by turning on the hose and letting the water flow freely until I run over and turn it off. It becomes a game until I usually have to redirect her to the backyard. :)  But anyway! These puddles were fun to splash in and fun for me to take photos of. But of course!

Charlotte LOVES jumping in the puddle at the end of the  Rogers' driveway and you can always count on Cole (R) to jump in right after her!

The big boys are all about practicing their golf swings now! Caden is a power hitter! Very good! I think I'm going to sign Cole up for a couple lessons this summer. 

Never dull on King Edward Drive! We are always busy with something!


Lisa said...

Love the reflections pics Kelly! Very artsy!

If only the puddle didn't have black muck at the bottom. Maybe I'll go down and clean it up one of these days.

doubletrouble said...

AWESOME photos Kelly! I esp. like the one of Charlotte with the water splashing up on her are very talented! I have been behind in keeping up with've had some great posts. Looks like a great start to the summer. Glad to hear that Robyn is so close now...wonderful! Tell her "hello" for me! The kids are adorable as always. Hope all is well!