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A Family Date

Still playing catch up blogging!

Cole has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Toy Story 3 ever since we went to Disney in early May. He's literally been counting the weeks and days until it came out in theaters.  Charlotte is pretty familiar with Toy Story too, having received a healthy dose of it at Disney as well. :) (I love how she says "Bu 'ight 'ear!!!") So we made the movie a family date.  I have to say last Saturday it was BEAUTIFUL out and it was really hard for me to go inside and watch a movie, but we went to the 5pm screening so it wasn't so bad!  And I wasn't really sure how Charlotte would do with the movie since she couldn't stand loud noises ("ahhh, loud noises"  Haha!! Sorry I crack myself up just thinking back to Anchorman every time I hear that.  Ahhhh...ahem...ok...).  Anyway,  Charlotte is not a fan of the shows etc at Disney  and she rarely sits still for a movie night at home so I was pleasantly surprised that she was totally wrapped up in the movie and only turned her head at one part near the end.   Cole of course loved it too.  

When I snapped this photo another mom around me asked if it was Charlotte's first time at the movies. I said yes and she replied that it was her son's first time too.  Then a whole chorus of moms were like "It's my sons/daughters first time too."  I guess we picked the "first time" movie night. :)

The movie was wonderful, albeit a bit dark at times but nothing too bad.  It is hilarious and of course the parts about Andy going off to college made me a little weepy.  It was all very sweet. And the Ken doll cracked me up.  

We went to Mack's for ice cream afterwards!  We love it there of course!  Last time we were there though we were very disappointed to see that they had built a rock wall to discourage the ducks in coming back.  This time there were 2 lonesome ducks there and Charlotte couldn't get enough of them!

Yes, a family date is a good time indeed!


Katrina said...

Love all these pictures!

We've been sitting on a gift card for Fandango so I think we're going to go see Toy Story tomorrow. Aidyn already watched it and he keeps talking about it-- now Ethan & I really want to see it haha!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

I just happened upon your blog this morning and had to comment because the pictures are just adorable... And so is the one below in the pool!

That definitely says SUMMER! To me.

And the little guy in the suit so reminds me of my son when he was that age! Just adorable. Its when he'd come out of the pool with one of those 20 pound diapers! LOL


Kelly said...

They grow up so fast don't they?! :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting!