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Summer Get Together

I'm a week behind on blogging. So shoot me.  Not really, but I'm just lazy with the blogging! Plus I always take too many pictures of course and then it's just tough to play catch up!

This past year has been really wonderful where I have been able to become friends with several wonderful women whose children also go to Applewood.  They are all just so much fun!

Working full time, it is always hard for us to coordinate play dates for Cole, so we made time for a family get together last week with the Chaus and the Lindholms.  

Isn't she adorable?! :)

Have water squirters...will draw fire.  
It seems boys of all ages start water fights.  This was fun though because between the three dads and three boys it turned into a huge water fight and lots of laughs were had by all. 

Of course little girls like the water squirters as well. :)

Sparklers!  What boy doesn't love these?! 

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