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A Fish Called Cole

Cole started swimming lessons in March and took them for about 14 weeks straight.  They were wonderful.  He started off being completely afraid of the water and now begs to be in the pool all day long.  I am just amazed at the transformation of not wanting his face wet to swimming underwater.  We started off in June with swimmies (or whatever you want to call them) but now he's swimming by himself. He's gotten stronger every day and can now swim the width of the pool without any help.  Today we bought dive sticks and he is loving holding his breath to go retrieve them at the bottom of the pool. Really, his growth as a swimmer has been exponential and as his mom, it has been amazing to watch.

He loves to do pencil dives (jumping straight in), retrieve the dive sticks, and swim over to the ladder.  
Today his new thing was doing an imitation of Brendan of sorts and he would swim under water and go tickle Charlotte as she was swimming. She thought that was hilarious.

The stomach muscles on this kid! He can hold a back float for about 15 seconds by himself!

Of course he loves to be an absolute goof as well.  The funniest thing is when he does this...puts on all four floats and "walks" through the water.

We love when we have visitors for pool time too!  Mimi and Grandpa are a blast. The game this particular evening was the scary lobster (aka Grandpa) and poor Mimi trying to hold onto two screaming children.  It was a sight. :)

Looking back for more. :)


Lisa said...

Wow!! Diving for sticks! He'll be on the swim team for sure! So brave!

That scary lobster is frightening! I hope we never find any in our pool!

Looks like you are having a blast!

Katrina said...

I love when Cole puts all the floats on and walks around. It's hilarious seeing how fast he gets his feet going!

I'm amazed at how fast he went from not wanting his face wet to jumping underwater. Aidyn has just started to be okay with his chin getting wet haha.

Grandpa and Mimi said...

We love being goofy with them!

Mom said...

Cole is doing so well. I'll bring over the underwater hoops next time! Cole-fish and I will go under together!