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Our Getaway

Two weekends ago Brendan and I went (by ourselves!!!!) to Ogunquit, ME for 3 days and 2 nights to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary.  I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love this beach.  It's been my favorite since I was a little girl.  Brendan and I of course have been making the trip up this way for quite some time.  I could go on and on about the town/beach etc but I'll save that for another day. :)  On our Friday night we ate at Jackies Too on Perkins Cove.  Really yummy food drinks and good conversation!   It started to drizzle (we were eating outside) and we took off from there and went to our favorite candy shop (aptly named Perkins Cove Candies!) and then after a couple minutes of indecision we decided to forgo walking the Marginal Way and hop onto the trolley back to the hotel. After paying $3 and one stop we reversed our decision and decided to walk back to Perkins Cove and walk the Marginal Way in the rain. Boy, am I glad we did! It was awesome to walk along the cliffs at night and during a lightning storm!!  Frightening but awesome.  We saw lightening streaks across the sky and into the water (about 2-3 miles away!) and it was just gorgeous.  We risked our lives but it was worth it! And there were other people out so I didn't feel so bad! ;)  

The next morning we had a date with two kayaks.  Neither one of us had been kayaking before and I guess kayaking on the open sea is as good a place to start as any!    We met the owners in a small river leading out to the ocean. We had it really easy because the tide was going out when we started so we were able to float along with the tide to the ocean and when we decided to turn around the tide was going in so we floated back in!  The only real hard part was kayaking in the open sea!

Brendan signed our life away....literally... I do believe the waiver said they wouldn't be responsible for our death.  Yikes! Extreme kayaking!

We could have paddled up the river but what fun is there in that?!

And we're off!

Since I didn't have children to photograph, seagulls became my new subjects. :)  This one made me laugh because he was yelling at the other bird.

As we floated down the river we came upon 2 fishermen. We weren't familiar with kayaking protocol so and didn't want to interupt them so we started to go behind them.  And they told us that wasn't a good idea because they could hook us as they threw the line back.  Um, yea. Good thinking! 

Can't tell where the sky begins and the water ends (except there is a man standing in the water)!  The water is so calm!!

Brendan is so patient with me and poses everytime I ask him to. :)

Wait..what's this?  Brendan has got stuck in a current and had to get out and walk the kayak back. :)

Perfect, perfect day.

Tide was coming in and now it was pretty  choppy.  Kayaking in the open sea was fun and we especially liked going heads on into the waves.  But if I just went parallel to the shore, I was rocked by the waves and  actually became a bit seasick!  So, we went back to the inlet and Brendan later went to to sea by himself for a bit. 

rapids! ha!

The hero goes out to sea...

Which left me to take photos of everything birds and fishermen....

But even the birds got sick of me and my camera
 after awhile....

So I took a photo of the kayak...

Of the water....

Of the oar...

More kayak...

Finally Brendan came back and we drifted back to the end of our trip.  I love kayaking; it was a blast! 

The rest of the day we just packed our stuff up and walked to the beach. We brought our books and actually relaxed and got sunburns and played in the waves like little kids and people watched and had a wonderful time for 6 hours.  I don't have any pics of all that. I think I took a couple pics of people from the safety of my beach towel but that was it. :)

The next morning we got up early and went back to the beach for a couple hours before heading to meet the kids.  Tide was out and not many people were there for 8am on a Sunday. It was so fun.  
But we wondered...what on earth were these lines and designs in the sand?

Ah-ha!  Then later on we spotted this man using a metal detector and dragging a shovel. 

This guy intrigued me.  Standing on a surfboard and paddling himself around for hours.  His legs must be so strong!!

Ogunquit beach is by far the best beach anywhere. I just love it.

Next year we are booking a couple nights with the kids and staying here! 

I wrote this actually. :) I guess it should have said KCS loves BJS. :)

We had a wonderful wonderful wonderful time. Now that I have gotten over the initial fright of leaving the kids for a couple days, we are ready to plan our next getaway! :)


Mom said...

Such a perfect get-away! Your choice of a place to stay next time with Cole and Charlotte is exactly where Andy and Karen stayed after your wedding! Second level left corner with a deck! So glad you had such perfect weather!

Lisa said...

Love it! Looks like a fabulous time! I love the change in your photography subject matter in the absence of children! Looks beautiful.. I haven't been there since I was a kid.. I would like to go RIGHT NOW!

I think you have your hear correct.. otherwise this isn't a family blog anymore :)

Kelly said...

HAHAHAHA Lisa!! It took a moment to realize what you meant.

Katrina said...

It looked like a perfect weekend! I'm loving all the kayak pictures. You're so brave for going out on the ocean!! I would have been searching for sharks the whole time haha.