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Squam Lake Science Center

Eons ago (ok, 3 weeks ago)  we went to the Squam Lake Science Center with Grammy, PawPaw, and Aidyn.  I have so many photos to post from the past few weeks and can't believe how much I have neglected this blog!  Party planning will do that to a person!  

We love the Science Center though- so much to do and see!  We have video of when we took Cole there for the first time (just shy of 2 years old!) and I always think back to that day and compare it to him each time we go back.  The things he can do now and of course his interests have changed as well!  

Don't you love how Charlotte is pushing out her belly in the picture above?!

Such pretty owls they have there!

We stopped off to listen to a talk about bats. Cole and Aidyn were very interested.  Charlotte was not and soon took to climbing the rocks while everyone else listened. 

Back down to the path to the next thing!

We also saw foxes and fisher cats which is interesting because for the past week we have either had a fox or a fisher cat living in our neighborhood. For two nights it sounded like it was literally next door to us and whatever it was sounded awful!  Then it moved to the next street over and we haven't heard it the past two nights! Good thing because the sounds this thing was making were a bit terrifying (like a scream!)

We also saw mountain lions!

Hopefully this cat does not show up in my backyard!

Observing the deer. :)

Haha...this picture cracks me up because Charlotte has her shorts hiked up so far!

Charlotte could have stayed right here for another 30 minutes! She loves water fountains!

By the otter exhibit there is a tall and extremely fast slide!  We all loved it but Charlotte and Aidyn were very hesitant to go on it by themselves! I was happy to go down with them!

Hands up!

Forgot to tell PawPaw to zoom.... hehe!

Typical! I forgot what Aidyn was doing but I think he was brushing my hair out of my face.  :)

Brendan tried to scare them with stories of swamp monsters but they weren't buying it. :)



Lisa said...

Yay! So glad you are back! I missed all your family fun!

Love this place! Never been.. but definitely need to! I think I would like a mountain lion! They are so sleek and beautiful!

Great pics as always! You've captured the fun in science!

Katrina said...

This looked like such a fun day! I can't believe I still have yet to go here. Thanks for taking Aidyn along with all of you. Since this day, he's been going down slides all by himself. That's a HUGE step for him!