Super Sevins


Take us out to the ball game... eat ice cream and popcorn and snowcones, ride on tractors, laugh hysterically, dance, be silly, and oh, yeah, watch the baseball game.  That fit in there somewhere.  Haha!  We love going to the local AAA Fisher Cats!  This particular night they were playing the Portland Seadogs which are a local farm team for the Red Sox! Very exciting.  The tix are ridiculously awesome ($40 for a 4 pack of tickets which include a hot dog and drink!  or the $6 tickets are also just a great!)  We love going and as the kids get older and they are more interested in the game their attention will be held a bit longer.    We just always have fun!

Cora is so sweet. :)

And Caden is a goof! :)

This picture just begged to be B&W, don't you think?!  So precious.

Oh wait! I captured a shot when they are actually watching the game!

And Charlotte is keeping herself entertained. 

But watched for a bit and clapped whenever everyone else did too!

This tractor was a big hit even though it didn't go anywhere! Worth the price of admission! :)

I have no words....

We searched high and low for the mascot but he was hard to find! We discovered his likeness instead.  Charlotte wouldn't go near it!


Katrina said...

These are great. The B&W picture is perfect!

Ethan & I are laughing at Charlotte folding herself in half and then in every other picture she looks like a little jumping bean all over the place. She's so funny.

Lisa said...

HAHA! Love the pictures! you captured it perfectly! Charlotte is hysterical! and I love the B&W shot of her and Brendan.. precious!! Nothing like a Daddy and his girl!

Amanda said...

I was just telling Damien we need to go to a Fisher Cats game. Haven't been since Cameron was 7 months old! I love the photos, they are great!