Super Sevins


Reason #479 why I love where I live...

The Derry Splash Pad and Playground.  Awesome!  The playground is huge and by far the biggest hit was this structure which included two ginormous slides that I think were as tall as my two story house. I might be exaggerating but I don't think I am!  They were really fast and crazy!  

Well, I think that is fairly obvious.

At the top! Charlotte looks so nervous!

Clue #1 that the slide was super fast! There were two slides- one that literally went straight down and another twisty one. Needless to say the one that went straight down was insanely fast.

Here we go!

Holy cow!!!  This is definitely not a flattering picture by any means and for the record that is my bathing suit showing, not my underwear! LOL!  But it shows how we FLEW out of the slide! And Charlotte loved it!
Plop! We fell right off!

Splash pad! The kids loved it but the playground was definitely the star of the show that day.

Cole's favorite part...waiting for the water to drop!

And then they crashed! :)  

Only 15 minutes away! We loved it!


Amanda said...

I do love that playground, but that slide scares me :) Looks super fast! The splash place looks really fun! Cam and Olivia would love it!

Lisa said...

That place is super awesome. I can't believe the playground is that tall! I didnt try the slide.. looks pretty speedy! Next time. I am totally jealous that Cole and Charlotte actually played in the Splash Pad.. Cole and Cora wouldn't get near the water.. Caden wanted to but wanted someone to play in it.. too cold for me! It was a breezy day and it was FREEZING if you got wet. Next year we'll have to go back on those 100+ degree days together so they can play together! Such a great idea for a park.. and free to boot! LOVE!