Super Sevins


Back at the Beach!

Who's excited??!!!  Me! Me!

We have a couple sayings that we have to get the kids pumped up for something.  One of them is the above and the other is me saying "Today is going to be...." and the kids yell "....a GREAT DAY!!!"
It works to get us all in a good mood in the morning. We usually need this motivation when we are off to work or daycare and not the beach!  On beach days we all know it will be a great day without any prompting!

Jay came along with us to Ogunquit and it was a great day.  So much fun.  I am glad the kids have these times to spend with Jay, as I am glad about the time the kids can spend with all of their family members. Family is so important, don't you think?!  

Cole and I had made a rather large castle which Charlotte then came over and jumped on much to our dismay.  My daughter is a destroyer.  I don't know what to say about that!  Anyway, Jay and Cole thought it would be funny to just make a castle for the purpose of Charlotte to jump on.  Everyone wins!

Charlotte tries out Jay's goggles to look for fish!

Floating along with the current.

I hope to get back to the beach at least one more time this year but the weekends are slowly fading away!  into fall!


Katrina said...

Ah. I never want summer to end. These beach days are just too much fun to only last a few short months. Love all the pictures. Especially the top pictures with their arms out.

And... I'm just going to go ahead and forgive you for throwing the word Fall in there. :)

Mom said...

Love the family rallying cry! I have to try that at work!
The family looks great in the color "sandy water"! Love the pic of Charlotte bending over into the water with the googgles!

Lisa said...

I love the new header! Super cute! Ahh the beach. So sad to see this season coming to a close. The beach makes such great pictures because everyone is so happy! The sky was beautiful that day. I love Cole with his boogie board.. and Charlotte stomping on the sand castles. What a fun day!