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Windham Pond with friends...

Can you believe I am still posting pictures from our vacation in the middle of July?!  Crazy!  But I think this is the last batch...I think!

One evening we went over to the Windham Pond with some friends.  Cole and  Zach are buddies from preschool,  Mason and Charlotte are friendly from the Toddler room, and Brendan and I think Jake and Dianna are pretty you know, everyone's happy! :)   Jake, unfortunately couldn't make it but the rest of us had a good time! The beach is only open to the lucky Windham residents during the day but when the lifeguards go home the rest of us get to enjoy it as well!  Also unfortunate for us....there was a sign posted that said there was high bacteria count and we couldn't go in the water! Bummer!  Lucky it was a cool enough day and the kids found lots of other things to do!

Like play football which kept Cole and Zach entertained for quite awhile!

We ordered pizza and brought it to the beach too! Yum!

Cole and Zach made up a ton of games to play around with.  There were some big kids in the lake so we had to tell them why we felt it wasn't safe and that those kids might be sick afterwards but it is always hard to tell your kids not to do something when others are doing it! Life lesson #1- if kids are jumping off a bridge, it doesn't mean you can too. :)

I guess this would be reason #480 why I love where we live! ;)


Lisa said...

Fun! I didn't know about that place! Derry has a residents only beach too. I wonder if they open it to public after hours as well.. hmmmm... things to look into!

Dianna said...

Great pics! We had fun too! We will have to go again when we can swim...the kids did have fun anyway! FYI-Soon the lifeguards will be off duty for the season and we can swim on weekends!

Amanda said...

I had no idea there was a beach near you! That's great! We get bacteria in the lakes around here all the time, but it never seems to phase the kids one bit. Like you said, they find plenty of other things to do at the beach!