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Sailing 101

A giant macroni noodle. Just what I think of when I think of Boston.  So bizarre!  Who thinks of these  things anyhow?!  

ahem.  Ok, so if you haven't signed up for Groupon- do it!  They have a ton of great deals like half off Tall Ships tours in Boston!  Yippee!  We spent a great afternoon in Boston harbor with the Rogers.  I love, love, LOVE how well these kids are growing up together. Cole and Caden are such buddies. I could go on for a whole post about that and I just might later on! 

Every time I go to Boston I have the need to go shopping. City girls are so put together! Ha! I sound like such a bumpkin.  Hey, I'm from NH afterall!  To do list: go shopping. :)

So, the ship!  It was rightly deemed a pirate ship by the Rogers. It looked so old world and just very very cool. I wish I had a chance to get a photo of the whole thing!

This is the best I got.  Kids turned to look at the ship. 

Charlotte does not want a photo with Daddy. Have I ever mentioned she's a handful?!

That makes Daddy sad. :(

Oh! Back in for one!

This is what I get when it's my turn for a photo. (Cole was too busy checking out the boat with Caden!)

This man (1st mate?) called out orders as all the men were called to hoist the sails.  Women too. : )

I can't even begin to tell you how the above pic and the following two crack me up.  All Caden cares about are the silly faces. But he looks like he will laugh at any moment too!

Charlotte begs Cole R. for some goldfish.

Charlotte has a little crush on Rob.  I heard her call him Uncle Robbie at one point- I do not know where that came from! No one here calls him Robbie and she has never called him uncle! 

Sails down. Back to base.


Katrina said...

Awww I love Boston! It looked like a fun day. Love Charlotte sticking her tongue out in all the pictures haha.

Lisa said...

HAHA! I didn't hear Charlotte say Uncle Robbie.. that is hilarious!

Such a fun adventure we had! We all thoroughly enjoyed it! We need to do more trips like that more often! the kids had so much fun together.. not that they don't have fun in the yard of course :)