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Respect the Ref!

Ok, I know most of these pics have been seen enough but I had to add them to the blog and add some commentary!  

Brendan has been ref'ing high school football for the past 6 (7?) years in Mass and he just loves it.  He gets all giddy when August rolls around and his meetings start.  Since he refs in Mass on the north shore and mostly Friday night varsity games, we don't get to see his games much.  So we took the opportunity this past Saturday to drive all the way to Pentucket and see his game.  We got there right before the end of the first half and it was just enough time to keep them interested in both the game and watching Brendan.  We watched the band (which  Cole kept asking why there were so small! They were about 1/5 the size of Londonderry but it was a much smaller school afterall!).   Charlotte snuggled with me a lot which I loved! I saw someone from work who's husband turned out to the be the head coach of the opposing team! I gingerly admitted by husband was one of the refs! :)

Stretching I guess! They look like they are having too much fun!

What is he doing here? I don't know. Waiting for someone to throw him the football?  Calling time?

Hovering by the time out. What does he do here? Listen in? Watch the clock? I'm not sure!

In basketball terms, I think this means traveling. In football maybe it means keep the clock going. I'm not sure. :)

Good game guys. 

Charlotte was sad that Brendan had to go to the locker room to change.  This is her pouty face.

Which quickly became her happy face when I told her NOT to smile! Man, I love reverse psychology!

Cole was busying running the bases. He did this 3 times by himself and then 2 more with me chasing him. 

I can't resist getting in some photo time....ever. I'm officially obsessed..and have been for awhile. (Both with my kids and the photography! ha!)

Daddy's back! Yea!  Great game!


Mom said...

You really make me laugh, Kelly!
Love the basketball reference to the gesture*
We all love your passion with the kids and photog! This is much better than sitting in front of the TV.

Abby Chau said...

That picture of Cole making a silly face is too much. I love it.