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Tiny Dancer

Charlotte had her first ballet/tap class last weekend!  It was probably the single most adorable event I've ever witnessed in my life.  All of these 2 and 3 year olds in their updo's and ballet outfits...ack! It was just too, too adorable. Charlotte was very excited to go!  She really wanted her tap shoes but they hadn't come in yet.  When they did the tap portion of the class it was the only time Charlotte didn't listen to Miss Laura.  Miss Laura asked everyone to tap their foot out in front of them and I saw Charlotte refuse. I know it wasn't out of disobedience just from the look on her face. It was because she knew her ballet shoes wouldn't "tap!"   In the above pic, Charlotte is instead wearing her Cinderella light up shoes that go with her princess Halloween costume.  She has a hard time letting those go! :) She wore her ballet shoes for class though!

No parents allowed in class! Which is better I think for these young ones because it lets them focus on the teacher and not the parents.  The girls are encouraged to form a line and play "train" into the classroom where the mommies and daddies say good bye for the next hour!  Charlotte was hesitant the first they did that but I was fine the second time!

Pictures taken from a reflection in the mirror. The "pink" room's walls don't go up to the ceiling so mums and dad's can look in from a stairwell. It actually works out just fine! Charlotte saw me a couple times and just blew me kisses!

They play lots of games and sing songs all cleverly disguised as fun when they are really learning the beginnings of ballet movement.  It's so graceful and adorable!  

Miss Laura ended class 5 minutes early so the parents could take photos of the class with much "oohs" and "aahs"!! :)  Charlotte is very excited to go again next week!  Although it is hard to balance ballet and soccer on Saturday mornings!


Kerry said...

AHHHHH. adorable!! Your new pictures on top of the blog are perfect. I miss Cole and Char already; I need to come home and play.

Amanda said...

Very cute! Olivia starts tomorrow and she's so excited!

Katrina said...

Oh my gosh. So stinking cute!! I can't wait to see her in her tap shoes.

Mom said...

Cant wait to see this in person! Charlotte has had lots of experience being Tinkerbell so thats easy to love Char as a pink Tink! This opens up a whole new avenue of Christmas gift ideas!

doubletrouble said...

Omg Kelly...too cute! She is such a doll! I just love these pics. Such a fun age!

Lisa said...

Now that is a whole lot of cuteness! I love it! She looks so adorable in her leotard! Can't wait til she can show us some of moves!

I also love the new header! Captures them perfectly and love Charlotte giving Cole a kiss in the middle..