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Birthday and Golfing

Last weekend we spent the day over my parents to celebrate my Mum's birthday.  My Dad also took Cole to the practice range and Kerry and I tagged along.  Have a mentioned the Anderson family (minus the woman! ha!) are crazy obsessed golfers?!  They so are!  My Dad is trying to teach Cole the fundamentals of the game and I'm glad he is because I do not remember much from all of the lessons I took long ago and Brendan doesn't really know anything about the game (in fact Jay is trying to teach him!).  I would love to find the time to get back into it. I think I have a more laid back approach to the game now that I didn't have years ago. :)

Grandpa tells Cole to aim above the hole when hitting uphill.  

Dad, I think you need bigger clubs.  Just sayin'. 

Cole's favorite part. :)    Dispensing the  balls into the bucket.

Setting up the tee.

Golfing buddies!

Time for the main event!  The cake!  Mom, you stay out of the frosting until we are ready!

Only 14 Mom?! :)

The lighting on the photo was not right of course but its the best one out of the bunch unfortunately!  Never mind the quality,  it's Mimi and her grandchildren. :)   Love it!

Happy Birthday Mom!  


Lisa said...

Okay.. your Mom is gorgeous! She does practically look 14!

Love all the golf pictures of Cole and your Dad.. such great memories they are creating together!

Mom said...

Love to see what I miss when I dont tag along! Cole is so patient and really tries to hit well. Does he Like it!? You really did a great job on the frosting and cake! I loved it

How much for some of your pics??
I'd pay a ransom!

Katrina said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. Anderson! The cake looks amazing. Yum.

Cole looks like a pro out there! The photo of your dad using his clubs is too funny.