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The Most Delightful Cupcakes on Earth


Now what seems like eons ago, we used to live in Salem, MA (actually just three years ago)!  We discovered D'Amici's bakery sometime during our 5 years of living there and often bought these amazing cupcakes for celebrations.  They are amazing.  

So every year now when Brendan goes to Salem to ref a football game, he makes a special stop for us and picks up some of these delectable delights.   We are always so excited when he does!

It's hard to eat this beautiful creation! :)


Katrina said...

Ooooo those look so good!! Yum!!

Lisa said...

Mmmm!! The massive amount of frosting on those cupcakes has me drooling right now! (Frosting in case you didn't know is my favorite part... I'm a frosting SNOB!)