Super Sevins


Yogurt= Soccer

Ha! In this case it does! Cole's team is sponsored by Stoneyfield...only the best yogurt ever! :)

What a difference this year in playing soccer!  Cole understands more of the fundamentals of the game, he understands that he doesn't need to have the ball every minute, that he needs to pass to his team mates, and just has better control of the ball.  He wants to win games of course, but unlike last year where that is  what he cared about, now he really enjoys playing and learning the game more too. He takes the game seriously (see the last picture when he was waiting for someone to toss the ball in) but he also has a ton of fun too.  When they were set up for the games to begin, he would bounce around like crazy, laughing, just so excited to play!  

Oops! Down goes someone!  

When Cole is excited or even just distracted he eats his shirts. Don't ask. :)

See?!  He's so intense on the ball, just waiting for it to be thrown in! I love it! :) The kid loves sports and I really have to admit that I will miss this if he chooses to play football next year.  But if he does it will be another type of action packed game I'm sure!

First game of many!  I'm trying to hold off bringing my camera every game! 


Muffiemom said...

Hi Kelly - That last picture of Cole is awesome! What a look.
He was born an athlete. Whenever I see him he has some kind of ball, racket, or club in his hand. So much fun watching your kids grow although much to fast. Rob & Lisa are lucky to have great neighbors with kids so close in age as theirs! K

Kelly said...

Aww! Thank you! We are so glad to have Lisa and Rob by us as well! They were part of the reason we bought this house! : )