Super Sevins


A Three Hour Tour

Ok, it was more like 2.5 hours around the lake, but you get the idea! :)  Grammy and PawPaw had some extra tickets to the Mt Washington cruise so we hopped on board along with the current Miss Lakes Region and her mom and had a great time!  The kids loved exploring the boat.  It was a beautiful day, albeit a bit windy and cold!  

Miss Lakes Region is in the engine room, steering the boat and everybody wanted a look.  I just love how badly that kid on the left wanted a look-see! :)

Playing Go Fish to pass the time.  This is Cole's new favorite, along with the card game "War."

Great day for sailing...

....not a good day for taking photos outside if you have long hair! haha!

It's cold!!

But we warmed up with some hot chocolate!

Ever my willing little model! :)

Thanks Grammy and PawPaw; we had a super time!


Lisa said...

Ooh! Fun! We've never done that boat tour.. we've never done much in that area actually.. a shame! I guess that is why we are (generally) allowed to live as long as we do.. so we can make sure to do all the fun stuff!

We'll have to get Caden and Cole to play cards as those are also his two favorite card games..

Mom said...

Kelly, you're such a good story teller! Love your pictures. Hope to see some of those in your next DVD...Cole IV - Charlotte II.