Super Sevins


Finally...the lake!

I always have a mental bucket list of what I want to do with the family during the summer. One of the things is to go to the lake at least once! Brendan's family lives by Lake Winnipesaukee so you would think this wouldn't be a problem...but the way we are scheduled within an inch of our lives it was hard to make time to go!  So we were determined to go Labor Day weekend. It happened to be about 65 degrees this day and extremely windy so it was not good swimming weather.  The water was warm though and Cole thought it was fine! We spent about an hour at the Weirs before heading onto the Mt Washington for a cruise around the lake with PawPaw and Grammy! Pictures of that tomorrow! :)

Isn't the sky fabulous??!!  Gorgeous, gorgeous day.

I'm not sure here if Cole wanted a hug or if he was opening himself to be taken away by the wind!

As soon as Charlotte gets a doll, the clothes immediately come off. I do not know why this is!  Snow White has been without clothing for awhile now but I guess it made it easier to take her for a dip in the lake!

Cole is SUCH a hugger.  

This has been Cole's thing lately to stick his whole face in the water (be it the pool, the lake, or the bathtub) and then pop right back out!

Is there really a better past-time than chasing seagulls?! :)

Of course we had  photo ops!  Always a good time for a family picture! 

And for a grandparent picture too!

Oh, that sky!  It was beautiful! 

Next year...NEXT year...we'll go in the lake in July!


Dad / Paw Paw Sevin said...

Hey Kelly, please send the one of Mom and I with the kids to my facebook. Thanks......Love you

Lisa said...

Oooh! That is a beautiful sky! I love it!

Looks like a beautiful day at the lake! Although Cole looks chilly when he was popping out of the water.. although perhaps that is just a "fresh out of water face"!!

Great family picture! Looks like the start of a great long weekend!

Katrina said...

You would never be able to tell how chilly it was by these pictures! They're beautiful.

I always have a ton of activities I want to fit into summer as well. Pretty much the same with every season except winter. I just want that over with ASAP. Ha! :)