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Hopkinton Faire 2010

On Saturday morning we made a trek on over to the 95th Annual Hopkinton Fair. It was so good to go early in the morning because the crowds were few and far between. Just the way I like it! I remember going to the  Topsfield Fair one year about 5 years ago and it was literally so crowded you were shoulder to shoulder with people in some parts. Not fun.  

Not so this fair! We spent a great part of the morning visiting with lots of farm creatures such as sheep, goats, cows, and some pigs too!  I tell you, life on a farm is not for me but it is fun to see the animals up close and personal!  Charlotte was wary of them all but amazingly and willingly petted a couple sheep and some cows too. Big step for this girl who is scared of any animal, big or small.  :)  We are slowly working to overcome this fear for her. Nice, soft sheep helped. 

You can see Charlotte needs some persuasion to touch this sheep!  They were so soft though! Cole never had a fear of animals, probably because he grew up with a dog for the first 2 years of his life.  Anyway, we all enjoyed the animals, from near and afar. :)

Sheep are so attractive when they bleat. :)

Charlotte is, of course, adorable when she imitates the sheep, though!

Who can resist petting a lamb?!

I just love Cole's faces that he is making as he has a little chat with the baby goat.

Haha!  Goats are both odd looking (as adults) and cute (as babies)!

This picture cracks me up. Cole was so relaxed as he was getting his face painted....slouched, mouth partly open...just really relaxed....except when Brendan told him they accidently painted a princess on his cheek...then Cole just smiled because he's on to Brendan by this point and knows his jokes!

Charlotte, by nature, is a very cautious child and doesn't really like new things until she has a chance to try them out..usually with Brendan or I. But the really neat thing about having a big brother in this case, is that she really watches Cole and is more willing to try things when she sees him try things...even simple things like face painting!  

On the flip side of this, when Cole refuses things like new foods, Charlotte also does this!  Grrr!

There's really no explanation to this picture except that Charlotte say this big pink cat and begged me for a picture with it. 

Ah, fair food.  We had carmel apples, fried dough, and a big plate of curly cheesy fries.  That was our lunch that day.  Hey, we don't go to many of these fairs and I'm thinking we hit at least one of the food groups. We had an apple, after all, right?! 


Amanda said...

Looks like a lovely day at the fair!

Lisa said...

So fun. I swear next year we are going! I say it every year... never happens.. I love them! Looks like you guys had lots of fun! And I'm. Loving Cole's slant hat style he's been sporting as of late!