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The Boys of Fall

I think I'll start naming my blog posts after country songs. :)  And, yes, I'm excited that Kenny Chesney has a new album very soon!

For the past three seasons we have so looked forward to going to a Londonderry High School football game.  Most games are on Friday nights though so it's hard to get to one since Brendan refs football down in Mass every Friday  night as well!  Luckily they had one this past Friday night before Brendan's season officially started. We thought Earl was going to literally rain on our parade but there were just a few drops and after that it was great!  Cole was excited to go especially since from our house we have heard the band practicing the past couple nights!  

But first...a dose of cuteness...

Ok, back to football.  Every time the annoucement came that a team was taking a time out, Charlotte would echo very loudly, "Time Out!" and everyone around would laugh.  She clapped a lot when ever someone else would clap and she asked about the cheerleaders and the water boys and what they were doing.  Cole and Brendan talked about the game and we listened to the band.  

Brendan also made note that the back judge made several errors, ones of course that he would never make as a back judge. haha!  Brendan is so excited to get back and start up the ref season again!

The band is amazing.  They are 350 people strong and take up the entire football field. This is where a wide angle lens would have been nice. Ahem.  Just saying, is all! Anyway, the band's big trip this year is the Rose Bowl!  In the past they have been to the Olympics, and the recent presidential inauguration parade!  What can I say...Londonderry rocks!

The football ended up losing in the end even though they were up 19-0 at one point!  The Rogers' joined us for the second half of the game and that just made all of us happy! 


Katrina said...

Yay Lancers!! This makes me miss high school. :)

Super cute pictures! I think you'll HAVE to get a wide angle lens for the next game you go to.

Lisa said...

I second the lens thing.. Brendan do you read this?! haha! So much fun.. while I hardly know a thing about football.. I much enjoy watching the kids over the football game anyway! They had a lot of fun.. especially running around during the last quarter outside the "stadium"

Some day we'll be watching Cole out there!