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Mack's Apples has Peaches!!

Who knew??!! For four days only in August, you can pick your own peaches! They were AMAZING! So sweet and juicy! Charlotte gobbled hers right up!  

The peach trees were in an orchard away from the farmstand but we stopped at the main farmstand first to get some treats from a bake sale in support of Bella Tucker, a local girl that got very sick and needs a lot of medical attention. As a side note to this post, I have been amazed and joyful at the outpouring of community support for this little girl and her family.  It is so heartwarming to see.

But oh the peaches!  So yummy!

Cole used his apple picking skills to pick the peaches quickly. Charlotte enjoyed just holding the bag as Cole gently (!) put each peach in. We filled up our 1/2 peck bag in about 10 minutes! I wanted to pick more! 

By the way, yes, Cole is wearing a Tiger Woods hat. It was bought in times when Tiger was just a golf superstar. It was the only hat we could find before we left!  Oh well! He doesn't know!

On to apple picking in just a few short weeks!!

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Lisa said...

So fun! I love Charlotte's sunglasses, I am very impressed that she keeps them on.. obvioulsy a fashionista!

Tree ripe peaches are by far much better peaches than the ones we ripen on our counter! succulent and juicy it dirps down your arms! That is my kind of peach!