Super Sevins


The Games They Play

Alternatively titled  "My Crazy Kids". Alternatively, alternatively titled, "What Children Do When Left to their Own Devices."

These pics were taken 2 weekends ago. I was weeding or something in the backyard and Cole and Charlotte were playing on the swingset.  Soon I heard giggles galore coming from them and this is what I found.  Of course I had to run inside and capture this glee on both the DSLR and the video camera. :)


Katrina said...

They're hilarious! Such a sweet bond they have.

Lisa said...

Aww!! They are so cute! And having so much fun together! There is so much joy on their faces.. I bet the slide seems miles long when you are that age.. oh to be that age again! To play all day, those days were good!

Mom said...

That's what best buddies looks like! Isn't great that they are siblings!